New York Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Views of TCM

TCM originated in ancient China. It is a treasure which has been subjected to three thousand years of study and analytical practice. It contains numerous treatment methods, such as Chinese medicinal herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, Tui-Na, reflexology, cupping and exercise techniques etc…

Yin, Yang and Five Elements are ancient Chinese philosophic concepts that make up the foundations of TCM. Yin and Yang are two opposite forces inherent in everything in this universe. They create and harmonize the world by their interaction. The Five Elements are fundamental components of nature, constantly in motion and impacting on each other. They are linked to the physiology and pathology of the human body. True understanding of these layers in a person can reveal the etiology of disease and lead to a significant and deep change, freeing the person from suffering. Dr. Wen utilizes her extensive knowledge of concepts of Yin, Yang and the Five Elements to powerfully diagnose and treat disorders.

In TCM, the Zang Fu organ system and its networks perform complex bodily functions. Every organ system has its own unique function. TCM use concepts of Chi (Life Force), Yue (Blood), Jin (Moisture), Ye (Bodily Fluid) to understand the human body and considers Jing (Essence of material based), Chi, Shen (Sprit) as the treasures of life.

TCM views the body as energetic systems in dynamic balance. Chi flows in patterns through meridians & collaterals (networks) to all parts of the body. Any disturbance of this harmony, such as harmful substances or intense emotions, may result in illnesses. Diseases become apparent when the body is unable to cope with the disturbance of the Chi flow.

Dr. Wen believes that once symptoms occur, it is imperative to not only isolate and treat the disease, but more importantly, trace it back to its point of disturbance or source and to reestablish the harmonious flow. Dr. Wen believes that illness is the reflection of the underlying disharmony in the body. Maintaining the Mind, Body and Spirit balance makes TCM an attractive component of preventive medicine.