New York Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Wen offers highly effective treatment for infertility and can be used in conjunction with IVF and IUI to improve the chance of fertility. Dr. Wen’s treatment plan will focuses on your whole body, bring Chi, blood, yin, yang to harmony and to ensure the health of both you and your future child.

Female factors
The following situation can influence your conception
1. Thyroid problem
2. Habitual fear of coldness
3. Anemia
4. Fatigue
5. Low energy
6. Poor blood circulation
7. Tension
8. Anxiety / Depression
9. Insomnia
10. Palpitation
11. High body temperature
12. Over weight…

Some females can conceive but cannot properly nurture the embryo and miscarriage occurs. Females may mistake their early miscarriage as delayed menstruation

After the complete TCM physical examination, Dr. Wen will pay special attention to the following issues.

1. Menstrual cycle
2. Ovulation time
3. History of conception
4. Life style and habits
5. Discharge from vagina
6. Sexual life ect…

When all the necessary information is collected, Dr. Wen will analyze the result and deduce the cause of your infertility. She will construct an individual plan for your next successful pregnancy.

Male Factors
Conception is unlikely when the male has low sperm count. This may be related to low hormone level or deficiency of kidney Chi and/or other medical problems. In infertility cases, male accounts for about 35%, from congenital disease to physical defects. Dr. Wen will collect following information to find the cause of the unsuccessful pregnancy.

1. Sexual function, Sperm test
2. Cardiovascular disease, Arterial disease, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol…
3. Diabetes, Obesity, Stress, Anxiety, depression, Low energy…
4. Neurological Disease, Pelvic Surgery…
5. Radiation Therapy
6. Life style, Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Exercise…

The principle of treating male infertility is similar with the principles of treatment for female infertility. Dr. Wen will use acupuncture and herbal medicine to: regulate Chi and blood, balance yin and yang, strengthen, clear and tonify organ systems. Through Dr. Wen’s examination, she will find the root of the cause and then make up plan to solve your problem, so that future conception will be successful.