New York Traditional Chinese Medicine
Disease Prevention and Health Preservation

Dr. Wen states that health is a state that can be self regulated. Good health is a condition where all aspects of the human body, physical, emotional and psychological are harmonious to our external environment. Disease occurs when such dedicated state is disturbed.

In modern society, people live in a highly pressured life style. Often the technologies that we take for granted are now always the best for us. Technological advances such as the automobile and personal computers, limited eased us into a sedentary lifestyle. These unnatural external forces hinder the ability for our body to find the dedicated state of harmony for optimum health.

Although modern medicine has extended the average human life span beyond all previous generations, however while we superficially extended our life, we now see an explosion in the amount of people who suffer from illness such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, cancer etc. While our life span has been increased, are we truly enjoying the extra years?

Dr. Wen’s goal is not only to treat your illness, but to help you maintain a healthier and happier life style. Dr. Wen’s Disease Prevention and Health Preservation program is design for those who seek a deeper understanding of health and wellness. Disease Prevention and Health Preservation program is individually designed to fit your needs. Dr Wen will consider the unique condition each patient including work habits, diet, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and then creating a comprehensive plan, including Healing Diet, T’ai Chi, Fen Shui etc… to enhance your health.

You health is in your hands, only you can decide when to start your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.