New York Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbal Healing Diet

Delicious food with healing benifits!

Herbal Healing Diet plays an important role in maintaing good health by contributing to an optimual balance of vital   life energy (Chi). The Chinese believe that diet is one of the three origins of Chi, the food we eat directly influence the balance of  Chi in your body. TCM diet is grounded in Ying and Yang, five elements and eight principles, food are seens as having four natures and five flavors. Depending on their physical conditions, a variety of food will be used to fit the specific needs of individual.

          Hebal healing diet plan utilizes herbs that are prepared and cook in food for both maintenance and the enhancements of one’s health. Based on TCM theory, the herbal healing diet is made up in accordance with the recipe principles of the prescription science and the function of herbal and food. Its major functions are to rectify the deviation in the function of organs with the characteristics of herbal and food or to strengthen the anti-pathogenic ability of one’s body.

          In the preparation of herbal healing diet, we pay special attention to the characteristics of herbs and foods, for there are complex relationships between both and their effect on one’s body. On the contrary to popular misconception, the TCM’s ideal of herbs encompasses all elements of edible foods, ranging from fruits to vegetables and from dairy products to meat products. All natural editable products contains a distinctive Chi, and by re-arranging the receipt, our Herbal Healing Diet Program combines can enhance Chi and provide an authentic Traditional Chinese cuisine, for your enjoyment, that is both healthy and delicious.